About Us

PT Royalindo Maghabhakti Pannawa was founded in 2013. First engaged in food & baverage sectors.  We started by became a supplier of quality food ingredients to HANAMASA as we known as pioneer of All You Can Eat Restaurant in Indonesia. And also developing several restaurants in Jakarta.


In addition to just looking for profit, we also want to carrying out Indonesia’s economic development in the property sector. We decide to provide comprehensive and integrated property services and solutions to landlords, buyers, and tenants.


Following the successfull on Property & Food Baverage Industry, and the first company in this field is PT Visero Anugerah Nusantara.  Visero tried to provide solutions, enrich community, create added value and profitable growth for farmers.


And the recent business unit that we are currently running right now is investment.  After saw a need to support Indonesia during the difficult time, we tried an opportunity to help various types and scales of companies. PT Royalindo Maghabhakti Pannawa will become a medium for companies who wants grow their business.


To contribute the sustainable development of Indonesia economies by building market-leading businesses through our focused business sectors.


To provide our customer and business partners with products and services that have a high quality. And also give satisfaction to the entire teamwork about being a competence and professional in this company.


Our Project in 2021

The best overviews also visualize the project plan, so team members can get quick insights into goals, progress, and more — something text-based plans just can’t compete with.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is the practice of integrating social and environmental goals into business operations.


Our annual report

Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to find. So we created a new line for everyday life, All Year Round he simplest things are the hardest to find.