PT Visero Anugerah Nusantara

PT Visero Anugerah Nusantara is an agro-commodities supplier in Indonesia. We create, arrange and manage fast service to our Customer. We build a long term and professional relationships with our Clients and Suppliers by providing immediate and reliable service exceeding expectations and goals.



Agricultural Commodities Production


We own and operate machine & warehouse in Indonesia. Also active in the agricultural trading market across countries since 2017. Visero gives Indonesian farmers the opportunity to grow by using a unique business model.



Used Cooking Oil (UCO)

One of our main by-product activities is the collection and processing of used cooking oil (UCO). We procure edible oils and other products direct from the manufacturers and export to our buyers around the world. Our company strive to maintain high standard through several filtration processes. As of 2022, our UCO received the latest version of the ISCC EU certificate.



Silica Sand Mining


As the proprietor of a silica sand mining enterprise in Ketapang, West Kalimantan, We oversee a pivotal operation driving regional economic growth. Through our extraction of high-grade silica sand, an essential resource for industries like glassmaking and construction, we contribute significantly to local employment and revenue generation. Committed to sustainable practices, we prioritize environmental stewardship, implementing measures to minimize ecological impact and engaging with communities to ensure responsible resource management. Our dedication to excellence underscores our role in fostering the sustainable development of Ketapang’s silica sand mining sector




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